Free Authentic Buddha chitta pendent


$0.01 $3.99

This pendent features rare 2 mukhi buddha chitta seed on a black chord. As we farm buddha chitta seeds in Timal, Nepal this is a special karmayogishop deal for all our fans, yogis, fellow buddhist and meditation practitioners around the world. We appreciate all the support and love so far from  the bottom of our heart. Sorry, due to the technical and promotional issues, we couldn't make it completely free as we wanted. You will only have to pay $0.01 for this pendent. The expected delivery for this pendent will be 2-5 business days. This offer is limited to one person per order. 

** Natural Buddha chitta seed changes its original tehcolor from light brown to dark brown over time gradually. The color change process speeds up when used regularly. It takes years for natural Buddha chitta seed to even change slight color naturally without artificial coloring. So darker the natural budda chitta mala is more highly it is viewed for its authenticity and value. This is also the reason for slight color variation in the beads & mala. For more details please make sure you check our about buddha chitta section in our website.

***We ship all our buddha chitta from Texas,USA. Shipping outside the US is expensive. United States Postal Service charges almost the same shipping cost if you buy the natural buddha chitta mala 108 beads or this Free pendent.  However we are selling all the buddha chitta products the cheapest in the world you can find. Also, if you buy any buddha chitta mala we will also add this free buddha chitta pendent as well. On top of that we will also add very nice cotton mala bag with any mala.

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