Bronze hand painted shakyamuni buddha



This Buddha statue is blessed with the eight principles of lord Buddha. It is carefully handmade by local artisans of Nepal and is one of the best statue . It has a very delightful glorious golden in color and this statue of lord Buddha can be seen meditating representing peace.It is a simple statue but stands out is its unique appearance.

This statue of lord Buddha is great for various rituals,belief and very popular for prayer among he devotees of the Buddhism. Our highly skilled Local artisans in Kathmandu uses Lost cast waxing method to make these statues. After the casting is done each statues are further hand carved and detailed which requires a lot effort time, skills and patience for the perfect masterpiece.

Handmade in Nepal this Buddha statue is made with the perfect small detailing.

  • height-7''  width-4.5''
  • weight-2.55 lb