Tiny buddha chitta mala 3 mukhi guru bead


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 Bodhi chitta mala is one of the most popular beads mala that only grows specially in the timal of nepal which is in the kavre district is also called buddha chitta mala. These mala are believed to have the blessings of the lord rinpoche or sambava and is a blessing for the buddhism community.Wearing bodhi chitta mala brings the sense of peace and harmony in the mind and the soul of the wearer.

The strength of our bodhi chitta mala depends entirely upon the strength of our good compassion.These buddhist buddha guru beads mala are said to be originated from the lord guru sambava or guru rinpoche in timal. This bodhi chitta mala grows on a tree which is full of thorns and also bears a beauttiful flowers while producing these buddha chitta seeds. Bodhi chitta mala are especially famous for its simplicity and authenticity.