Meditation Mala

What are Meditation mala beads?

Mala, a string of beads commonly known as ‘mala necklaces’ or ‘japa mala’ is traditionally a tool for spiritual practice of meditation. They are used to facilitate counting repetitition while chanting mantras and affirmation words like- Om, Om mane padme hun, I am good person, I am peaceful etc. Malas have been around for thousands of years popular in meditation and spritual practice of Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.  In present context there is no one fixed religion or one meaning of what mala is for. It is upto each individual to determine what meaning their mala holds for them. However, even in our modern world beside asthetical value, mala is still popular for its original spiritual value i.e. to connect deeply with their inner beings.

Why should I still wear them?  Or Non- religious or spiritual Use of mala:

  • Beautiful & unique jewellery piece
  • Yoga and meditation accessory
  • Physical reminders of the beautiful intention you set.
  • Good luck charm
  • Gemstones malas are known for promoting healing qualities
  • Inspire positive vives to self and others
  • Reflection of wearers personality

Meditaiton mala based on number of beads

Typically malas are string of 108 beads. Some mala have 109th bead called guru beads which are centerpiece and are believed to store all the positive energy associated with your mala.

String of 54 mala beads and 27 mala beads are also found which represents the 1/2 and 1/4 th amount of 108 chakras.

Some wristband of 18 mala bead which represents 1/6 th of 108 are also very popular in the market.

Beside number of beads the size and eyes of the bodhi seeds and rudrakshya seeds also represents factors in determining the types of mala beads.

Malas are generally made of:

  • Seeds-
  1. Rudrakshya seeds- sacred to Hinduism
  2. Bodhi seeds or buddha chitta seeds- sacred to buddhism
  • Woods- agarwood, nangka, redwood, rosewood, sandlewoods etc
  • Non precious and precious gemstones
  • Bones- yak bones, buffalo bones