Buddha statue + Natural Buddha chitta mala


$89.00 $369.00

Natural BuddhaChitta Mala

Our Buddha chitta malas are made from the natural Buddha chitta seeds that comes from the Timal area of Nepal. A hole is made on the seeds after the seeds are harvested and cleaned so that they can be beaded to make this mala. This Buddhist Prayer Mala is used to count Mantra. It helps to keep track of time while praying or meditation. Buddhist prayer beads are also called 'japa mala' or 'Buddhist rosary'. These are typically 108 beads in a mala, which includes one large bead which is the guru bead. This mala is made intentionally made very simple with no tassels attached for its simplicity. It is perfect for yogis and people who are just starting out on meditations.

This is the rarest buddha seed mala in the world. We farm this mala in Timal nepal. Our mission is to make this very rare buddha mala easily assessible and affordable to everybody in the world, not only the rich. 

This is special karmayogi deal that you cant miss. You will not find it anywhere else for this price and value.

1. Diameter of beads: 12mm
2. Single mala Consists of 108 beads. 
3. Bead are made of : Bodichitta wood 
4. Handmade by Tamang artisian of Nepal. 

This portable simple  Buddha statue is perfect for your altar, decor or meditation inspiration. This set will always remind your intention to be Buddha.

It has a very delightful glorious golden in color and this statue of lord Buddha can be seen meditating representing peace.It is a simple statue but stands out is its unique appearance.

  • Height- 5.2 "  Width- 3"
  • Weight- 0.60 lb